I Believe in the Growing of Dreadlocks

Ariel - santa cruz, California
Entered on March 23, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Yep. I sure looked like an egg-head when I cut my thick Jew hair to an inch in length. About a month after that is when I stopped nagging about how I was going to get a mohawk when my hair grew in and after it grew in again I was going to get a no-hawk (an inverse mohawk where the hair is shaved down the middle; rebel). After that thought died, I had had enough of this madness and said, “No, I’ve had enough of this madness, I’m getting dreads.” I still had adequately short enough hair that if I had wanted to join the Army, they wouldn’t have had to bring out the buzzer.

A year later I finally had dreads–after reading websites and staring in awe at dreaded people. One day, not just any day, but the twenty-fifth of December, while I wasn’t busy opening presents, my dad, sister, and I went to feed the homeless at the Homeless Christmas Meal. About two hours in, when I was bringing up some delicious smelling nourishment, I saw the first head with dreads through the crowd; who says all homeless have dreads?

I calmly went over after handing off the food and asked how the guy had gotten such beautiful glowing dreads. He said to start them off he’d used honey. Now I already had mine going and wasn’t going to put honey in my hair. . . maybe just a little. . .no! When I asked how he kept them going he said, “Well you just gotta let them go.” He said that same thing about thirty times in as many ways in about two minutes, and just when I was wishing I hadn’t come over, he finished,”. . . and yeah man, good luck and just let go.” Although those two minutes felt like I could have climbed Mt. Everest and gotten back before he concluded, what he said had stuck: I believe in the growing of dreadlocks and just letting go. Weather it be your hair, a losing argument, your hair, a prized possession, or your hair; let go. Yep. I let go and ended up with some pretty awesome dreads.