I Believe in Jesus

Peter - Antioch, Illinois
Entered on March 21, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: Christianity

A crazy lady screams from the top of the burger barn, “The aliens are coming, use aluminum foil to signal them!” As the lady rants, people stare at her and tell their children not to talk to her. Everyone has once in there life seen someone describe the wonders of Jesus as they try to convince others that they can feel this also if they will just believe in him. Like the burger barn lady, Christians are often considered psychotic people. Most people brush these “fanatics” off as crazy people, but in fact they are right. Everyone wishes that they were perfect, whether or not they will admit it. The weird thing about it is that perfection is impossible. No matter what humans do, they are imperfect beings. People try to fill this urge by filling their lives with various things as they attempt to find a point to life. In the end they will all fall short of perfection no matter what they have achieved. Questing after the world will lead to , but thanks to God there is a way that leads to life. This way is Jesus. He bridges the gap between mankind and perfection. No matter what I do in my life, what I lose or gain, I always know that Jesus will be with me. Though this may sound like another religious rant, it is true. Jesus gives me fulfillment in my life, something that nothing else can give me. I believe that Jesus is real and that he died for my sins. My belief gives me focus and reason in my life. I know that even if I go to college, get a good job, or make lots of money, I will still not be perfect. Because of God’s grace I have something that I know that I can live for. This person is Jesus. I believe in Jesus, and the love that he pours out upon us all.