Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Way to heaven

I woke up one day

I felted tired, a lil past way

I saw my self out the window

Like them Vietnam wars

There I was with an ak

But I was the enemy

Fighting the honorable soldiers

Red water drenching down my face like a tear

I wonder what is that red spot on my shoulder

Suddently I feel fear

Then I saw huge black birds

tons of them flying in the sky

they’re like terminators

I shoot and shoot

But they just wont die

They shot me too but I still survive

Like if I had a bullet proof

I was still alive

I thought this was all lie

Was it that I was tired

Or what is it that I was high

So I look out the window

And saw the lifeless on the floor

But on the sky I saw real sized black birds

But the three white birds prettified them

Like if they were the kings of all herds

I was half awake laying on my bed

When the darkness ruled the room

Then some kind of electro shop touched my heart

Like magic I was elevating on the air

Something no spell can brake apart

It felt like…like….

I cant describe how it felt but

Surviving an army by my self

Was telling me im on my way to the top