I believe in obeying

jared - Mt.Sterling, Kentucky
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, respect

I thought my life was over for sure. That day had went so well until my dad just got pushed too far. It was the summer of 2008 and my family had just recently purchased a camper and we were trying it out. We had decided to go up to lake Cumberland for the weekend, while on the way we found a campground that had a really good hiking trail so we decided to stop. When we arrived at the campground we had to unload the camper, then we were allowed to go play. Me and my brothers and sister went to a sold-old-its-ancient playground and played on this play set that looked like it would break if you jumped on it.

After we got done playing we all decided to go hiking. We had hiked for about two hours then we all got tired so we decided to go back to the campground to take a nap. When we arrived back at the campground all of us went inside to take a nap (I stayed up and watched a movie). While my parents were sleeping my brother got up and guzzled a pop (while my parents were asleep we aren’t allowed to drink pop only water because they know we would drink a lot). So then my brother proceeds to go back to sleep. When my parents woke up, they figured out that one of us had drank a pop and my dad got furious because he had stated to us a million times not to drink while they were asleep, and when he asked us who did it we all said no but I knew that my brother had done it because I was awake and he just didn’t want to get into trouble. That is when my dad had got pushed to far so my dad said that he was done and that was the moment that I thought my life was over for sure. I thought my life was over for sure because I thought I was going to loose my dad for good, and I had never been away from my dad and the only thing going through my mind and that point was “ what would happen if he gets hit or picked up by a stranger and I never see him again”. This is why I truly believe in obeying your parents because you never know what’s going to happen, so it is better to just behave now instead of GREVE later. My belief has served me well In other past events as well, for instance, this one time I had went to the basketball game and a bunch of my friends got in trouble for trashing the boys bathroom and they didn’t tell mo so when I was with them the superintendent came up and told us that we were kicked out for good. When my parents arrived I told them that I had no clue that, that had went on and they believed me so they went back in and checked the video tape and I wasn’t with the boys so then I was allowed to go back to the games. And just by obeying my parents I got to go back to the games.