A Non Racist Society

calvin - centerville, Massachusetts
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: race, tolerance

I believe in a non racist society.

I believe that racism is one of the most ignorant and hurtful acts that anyone can do to another person.

I have a black girlfriend and people say things about me and her that really hurt and make me mad. When we go in public someone will always give us strange looks, the other day we went to the mall and many people were giving us rude stairs. I believe that people need to except that people love each other, it doesn’t matter what race they are. I love my girlfriend no matter what anybody says, and I will continue to love her. I believe that racism still lives in the hearts of many people but many people have started to accept different races for who they are. I believe that people are more racist towards interracial couple cause people don’t like the fact that there race is with another race. I believe that interracial couples scare people because it’s different and many people don’t like things that are different. I believe that race shouldn’t matter in any kind of relationship if its friendship or a deeper relationship. People fall in love with a person not the color of there skin or there ethnicity. For some people it’s scary to try something new like being in a relationship with someone of the different race. When I first met my girlfriend I didn’t care that she was a different color and race as me, that didn’t matter. She was really nice and I was attracted to her immediately so that’s all that mattered. I believe in a one race society were everyone is equal to everyone else.

I believe in a society were people can be who they want and not have people judging them for who they love or who they are.