A true friend

levi - bryant, Arkansas
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I beleive in friendship.

When I say frindship I dont mean someone you talk to at lunch.

I mean someone who sits at your bedside when your sick, or suports you through a brutal breackup or supports you through sickness. These are true frinds.

I belive in friendship because a friend can help you through anything. I am one of the lucky few in life. I have never lost a close friend or family member, and I have only experenced one deadly disease. It was cancer. Cancer is a horable disease that eats you from the inside out. The way I experienced it was my moms best friends daughter of six-years-old, got it and fought it for a year. All through that year I saw my mom walk out side whith tears burning in her eyes and felt that cold knot of dread fall in the pit of my stomach and knew that she was getting worse. At the end of that year she passed away. But my mom being the true friend that she is helped her friend through mourning and helped her rebuild her life.

I beleive in friendship because through our freinds we show how strong and pure our being is.