Haleigh - Ridgefield, Washington
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

America’s “American Dream”

The American Dream is the ultimate opportunity one can achieve; their own version of success. For me, I don’t really have an understanding of an ‘American Dream’ like some people do in Brooklyn and LA. I live in a rural town, surrounded by ranches, cows and too small of a high school. My goal or “dream,” is to have a husband that loves me, with a good paying career that I genuinely love, living in a nice home with a room just for my shoes, and an expensive car in the driveway. If I try hard enough, I can get there, not too many things are holding me back from achieving them. Some people have a closed door to their dreams, so I would say that I have it pretty lucky. The Declaration of Independence has a broad statement for the public to go by, telling us about equal opportunity. Though “nothing will happen until you make it happen,” don’t let what you can do interfere with what you can. In the novel “Mice and Men,” by John Steinbeck, two men, Lennie and George have some high prices to pay for their “American Dream,” whereas, I was pretty much born with it. In America, we live by the phrase “anything is possible,” a melting pot of diverse people with their own diverse dreams. Where a black man can become president, a women third in line, where the girl growing up in a bad neighborhood can end up with her own TV show and a supermodel. The opportunity is endless; it is just up to the person to have the motivation and determination to get there. I have this “dream,” and I will try my best to accomplish it.