Harder Than it Looks

Nicholas - Ridgefield, Washington
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think following your dream is much harder than trying your best and believing in yourself. That alone isn’t going to get you far under most circumstances. I live in a good home where food is on the table and both my parents come home every night, so it wouldn’t be that hard for me to ask why everyone isn’t as successful as I am.

But I know better than to neglect what has happened to kids around me. I know other students who’s mother has died, who have lived in a hotel for months, and those that travel from school to school all year. A life like that doesn’t give any opportunity. Without opportunity, children’s futures are chosen for them, and hardly ever are they correct.

I’ve read many biographies, and one that I still remember well is Jackie Robinson’s. After he had broken the color barrier, he told other black males that the only reason they weren’t successful is because they didn’t strive to be. He thought that since he accomplished something, why didn’t everyone? Naturally, the public had a response, but it wasn’t positive. Black men wrote to him, told him how hard they worked, how much they suffered, and still recieved nothing in return. Robinson realized he was wrong, and apologized for what he said. This holds true for people all across America, not just for African-Americans.

People will never get the same opportunities as everyone else, and that is why I believe the American Dream only exists in our minds.