Duty vs. Dreams

Nicholas - Ridgefield, Washington
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Duty Vs. Dreams

I believe that dreams are important, but they are not everything. I know that I’m taking a moderate stance and playing it safe, but it is truly what I believe. Dreams can inspire you to do something great, but they usually do not come true.

For a dream to come true, you must truly want it, work hard for it, and be naturally talented. I don’t believe that any old Joe Schmoe could turn pro after skateboarding for 5 years and become world famous like Tony Hawk just by working hard. Yet at the same time, if nobody followed their dreams and did what they truly wanted, nothing would ever change in the world, everyone would just do what their parents did.

When I was little, I wanted to be Batman, or a fireman. I have accepted that I am not going to become either one. I’m sure it’s the same story for a million other people, but a few have actually become firemen (but obviously not Batman).

As you get older, your dreams get more and more realistic. These dreams, maybe from teenagerdom on, are much more likely to be achieved. These dreams might be more like your duty, or what your family wants you to do, or what they need you to do.

Sometimes, though, your duty should supercede your dreams. If you are the sole provider of your family, you obviously shouldn’t chase your dream of becoming a professional juggler. Your duty to your family is to get a stable, decent paying job, whether you “want” to or not.

I believe in moderation of chasing your dreams. They’re important, but they aren’t everything.