Maturity is Overrated

Max - Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever played freeze tag with the force? Have you ever acted like you were a ninja and given yourself amazing names? Have you ever let your mind run free, and let it do what it wants to? I bet your answer is “no” or “not since I was 5”. Why not? Are you too “cool” to be immature? Don’t worry; you are one of many that think you have to be cool to have a good life. People think that maturity is the way to go. I believe maturity is overrated.

I used to be like the rest of the world. I thought you had to be cool to fit in. I was wrong. If you let your mind run free, let it do what it wants to do, without the word “cool” involved, then you will have a much better time than you would if you were being mature.

One day, I walked by one of my friends, tagged him, and said, “Your it”. The game was on. We played tag throughout the day, the teachers definitely were mad we were doing this. This went on for two or three days. Then we played it with the force, non-stop, action packed, “Force Freeze Tag”. It was a clever game. Instead if actually playing it by touching the other person you had to bring your hands up and force them for at least 3 seconds. If the other person puts their hands up before the 3 seconds then both forces cancel each other out. Our teacher figured out that we were playing tag like this and told us to stop. We didn’t though, it was too much fun. She was getting upset and wondering, “how am I going to stop these guys?” She did it though, by bringing her hands up and using the “force” on us. We didn’t see her, so she got us for three seconds. We were frozen. We laughed and we were quiet the rest of the class.

Being immature is about having fun and being free. It also is contagious, everyone, (even teachers) catches it when they are around someone being free and having fun. It brings back a memory of your childhood when having fun was all you cared about.

Maturity is overrated. There are times to be mature, but in the arena that calls for fun and laughter, do not be afraid to show your true, free self. Zzooomm! You have just been frozen with the force. The only way to get out is to show some immaturity. It isn’t that hard at all. Just let yourself go, and see what happens!