To Love A Child

Mark - Benton, Arkansas
Entered on March 20, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children, love

To Love A Child

I believe all children deserve parents who love and care for them.

At the beginning of my third grade year, my mom and dad began serving as foster parents. Foster care is when children, from newborn to 18, whose parents have abused them, sexually or physically, neglected them, or can’t take care of them are taken from there homes and placed in a foster home. The parents in that home are the foster parents. We’ve had more than fifty children come to our home since we started foster care.

Because of foster care, I’ve learned that life isn’t always fair and that most people aren’t as fortunate as I. I have parents who love and care for me. I’ve never even been spanked much less beaten and I have never been neglected.

Foster care helped reinforce my belief that every child deserves parents who love them. Sometimes, parents make it where their children are put up for adoption. We’ve had many kids who were adoptable, but when we began fostering we said that we weren’t going to adopt.

Even though we said that, we still adopted. When I was in the sixth grade, we adopted a girl my age. She had been living with us for two years and we didn’t want her to leave. Even if a child’s parents don’t love them there are other people that will. My sister went from having horrible life to having a wonderful life. Foster care also did something for me. It gave me a sister.

There is no excuse for parents to harm their children. Even if the parents were abused or neglected as children, it is their choice to do that to their children. No child deserves to be abused or neglected in any form or fashion.

After hearing what these kids have been through, I’m speechless. I don’t understand how the parents can live with themselves after they do those things to their children. If a person is going to have kids and love and care for them, it is okay, but if he or she is not, why have children? Every child deserves parents who love them.