God Walks Into A Bar

James - Concord, Massachusetts
Entered on March 19, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Never in my life have I seen god. I believe he/she is not real, because I do not believe there is anyone who can be in control of me, or someone who can help me if I can never see them. I don’t trust something that was written a long time ago, because things change, just ask Darwin. There shouldn’t be a book telling me how I’m supposed to act or think. What if someone never learned how to read or write? How could they understand the teachings or the stories?

I would not want to commit my life to something if I cannot prove it is there. Scientists know that this world was created from stars exploding, because the only elements able for life reside in the dark space above. Scientists explain how the world was created, with the term, “Big Bang”. The Big Bang comes from scientific evidence and observations. Although no one was here to tell us if that’s right or not, there have been many observations of the universe, and at every moment it is expanding.

God has been the cause of many wars, battles, and discussions. How could a creature that does not exist, be the center of so many problems, isn’t god supposed to be there to resolve? It makes no sense to me that people could fall into this trap. Church has been a big advocate of god, and the Church has also been responsible for many brain washings, and corruptions of towns, states, and countries. In Virginia, churches would take over towns, convert the people, and force them into hard and dangerous labor, like mining. To play sports as a kid, you had to belong to church. There were no athletics at any schools.

I don’t believe god exists in the holy world, but I believe each and every one of us is God. We can all help each other, and we all have something to add in this world. Asking god for help is not plausible, but convincing ourselves that anything is possible is very plausible and that is why praying works. Once in the right mind set, it is easy to find the answer.