Finding a Way Around It

Taylor - New Jersey
Entered on March 19, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Things have never really worked out perfectly for me, but that’s life, and I’ve accepted it. Even though my plans haven’t worked out exactly the way I wanted, or not at all, I understand why I need to work my way around it.

I didn’t want my friend to move away, but she did. I miss my friend but I understand why she had to go, that her father got a better job. I understand why it’s so far away. Growing up together we thought that it would never change, that we would always live near each other. But things did change and I needed to work around it. I was sad when she left but we made the best of it, and I still see her at Christmas break, and over the summer.

I didn’t want to quit karate, but when my little brother was born, and my mom couldn’t take me I did. I was at my green belt, which means I was half way towards my black belt. I wanted the black really bad, but I accepted that I couldn’t get it… after a while. That’s because at first, I complained, I wanted to keep doing it. It wasn’t just to get the black belt; it was also to see my friend. But in the end I realized that it was ok. Yeah, I didn’t get the black, but that doesn’t really matter. And I still get to see my friend on Sunday at church. So, in the end I worked my way around it.

I didn’t want to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but I did. I wanted to sleep in till 1 in the afternoon, or at least 12:30. That’s why I love the weekends, especially Saturday. But this Saturday I only slept in till 11: 30. Yes, it is pretty late, but I would have been happy to just lie in bed for another hour or so. But I couldn’t I had to go, like every year, and that’s why I didn’t want to. So in the end obviously I had to go. It was ok; I spent the time with my sister and her friend, and watched the parade go by, besides I went to bed early, 10:45. So, yeah, I worked my way around it.

I believe that the world needs to bend. Things aren’t set in stone, and change from day to day. I’ll never know what will happen tomorrow but I can work my way around whatever crosses my path.