When you look down, do you see me?

Nathan - phoenix, Arizona
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I belive:

That when I talk to most people older then me, they see “another youngin”‘ but I think they dont look hard enough. I know its tough but please bare with me, I am more then what I seem. I don’t try to exude it, but I am smart by many tests that atempt to try to see how smart I am. I don’t belive in tests that atempt to do such a thing, but I still go along. very soon I’ll be doing that very thing I just mentioned, because I am attempting to join the National Gaurd. I can allready feel about how it would be, but I must live on. I try to go on but I must make this thing clear before it becomes such that I will not be able to convay it because of my age.

So here goes:

I belive in freedom of speech, but I belive in thinking before you say things.Case in point: you parents and what you say to them.

I belive in a society without war, but I belive that war is sometimes the only to resolve problems.

I belive in giveing teens more trust, but in turn haveing higher punishments placed on them for wrong doing.

I don’t belive in a free enterpise I would most definitivly eleminate the false hope that the companies are there to help you, when in fact they want your money

I belive that there is one god and that all crud that churches try to employ to get more members is sickening.

With this I conclude, teen have more insite then you care to think. Just because we use the wrong part of our rain does not make us less smart.