This I Believe

Jessica - Pearland, Texas
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that tomorrow will always come. Not in the most stunning image predicted, but in a way that makes your heart swoon over the possibilities of what it can be. The sun will always rise over the Eastern horizon and set in the West where a day ends and where it begins. I believe that repeating a continuous routine is a bore and should never be allowed throughout ones existence. One cannot experience the unexpected through an ordinary, average day without wanting more.

I believe love is an external power that not many people encounter or believe in. It’s, also, difficult to contain and hold on to when you’re afraid of what will happen next. It’s easier to let it go and move on then to fight for it and the one who is your other half. I believe the story, Romeo and Juliet, its true for all ages and generations; love is an everlasting salvation.

I believe kids grow up to fast now and don’t experience the joys of being a kid. Instead, they want to become a single mom and live with their parents. I believe this is unacceptable and should never be tolerated in our society. What happen to playing kickball in the field or jumping hoops on the court? Is this dream to juvenile for these aspiring kids who want to become less than they are?

I believe that diseases and cancer is just an obstacle for us to over come. They do not hinder us to fulfill our lives, but rather test us to our faith in believing that will survive the overcoming factors against us. I believe that a cure will be found eventually so that the daughters would not fear losing their mothers to unfair consequences.

I believe that the world is indescribable and can only enhance us of what will be discovered. Some things will never be kept a secret but others will last a life time in a world of secrecy. I believe the world is a dangerous place and not a fairy tale. People die everyday and people are oblivious to what’s going on. Instead they’re focused on material things that will never be an important to their lives.

I believe that we can do anything that we set out mind to and go the distance an many of the Romans did. There isn’t anything stopping us except ourselves.