Juke Box

Abbey - Cold Sping, Minnesota
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the juke box. There is nothing more annoying than going into the bar to sit down and have a laugh and a drink with good friends and having no mood setting, mind easing background music playing.

The juke box is a conversation starter, a matchmaker, and a stress reliever. It releases inabilities and brings out tears and smiles alike. This is why I started, amongst my friends and myself, a juke box fund. Extra quarters and dollars are placed in the middle of our table for the taking, used only for the person that has something to say through the words of a song.

A good dance can relieve the stress of a hard day at work. When I was little and I would fall and scrape my knee, or I had a worry, my mom would always say dance it out, something I carry with me and save for a great song on the juke box. Grabbing my husband and some friends and heading for the dance floor will always put a smile on our faces.

Memories are made and remembered while the tunes are playing in the background. Good stories are shared and great stories are made. Songs are sung like karaoke from the safe bar stools we sit on as the whole bar joins in on the good time.

A match made in heaven can be produced from the perfectly worded lyrics singing sweetly from the juke box. Some things should just be sung out and expressed by the professionals. Connecting two people with the common love of music is priceless.

So when asked about why I go out and go to the bars I tell people it’s not for the alcohol or the scene, it’s for the love and belief in the juke box. The object of my affection on a Friday