The Devorice

Rachel - Colombus, New Jersey
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change, family

Divorce. The word doesn’t scare me anymore. I believe in things can change for the better not the worse. My parents divorced when I was around 3 years old. No longer was I an everyday kid like my friends, I was now the kid with divorced parents. I never really know what it is like with two parents together, or be a happy normal family.

This memory is the one that isn’t a big blur like my others. I was playing with my dolls, when the constant fighting between my mom and dad suddenly stopped. I heard heavy feet racing up the soft carpet stairs. A door slammed, but I continued playing with my dolls. About 20 minutes, the foot steps and the sound of bags being swung around, clanking the wooden railings. In a matter of minutes my mom was hurrying outside with bags, and my dad was yelling, I can’t remember exactly what he said. I am pretty sure there was cursing. My mom soon returned into the house. She ignored my dad and walked straight to me. She gave me a kiss and walked outside. Later I heard the car starting, and soon I saw it drive down the driveway. I thought to myself that my mom probably went out to the store I didn’t not know why she brought her bags but, I did not think she was leaving my dad. I asked my dad where was my mom going and my dad said she is going away for a while. He did not say where.

After one year later it became official my parents got a divorce. I was only 4 but, in time I grew to understand the situation. The custody of me was decided I would go every other week to my mom. My parents even today don’t want to see each other, and they never go into each other’s home.

I have been upset with my parents for a long time but, now I look back and my parents were miserable together and the only thing from them separating earlier was because of me. I truly do believe that things happen for the better not the worse because my mom is happy with my wonderful step dad, Vinny. Also, I got 2 older step brothers, Vinny and Alex. My mom has never been happier in her life. My dad married Chris and later they have my cute half sister, Olivia. She is a little wild but, I love her. Also, I got a loud and crazy younger step sister, Rachel. I couldn’t ask for a better family like them. My life may be complicated and I just want to escape it, this is family to me and normal. I may have double the parents and family, it means double the laughs and love of an average family. Families should be happy it doesn’t matter if they are together. I believe in things can change for the better not the worse.