The Power of the Truth

Joseph - Columbus, New Jersey
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

I believe in the power of the truth. Why? You may ask. Well, my story takes place a few years back when I was young and full of energy and curiosity. The day was scorching hot and I was stuck inside. I would’ve gone out but all of my friends stayed in. I did the same.

I woke up and sleepily wobbled down the stairs. While slouching on the couch my boredom rose to new heights. While watching childish shows I noticed a bright football lying on the ground. I began to throw the football to myself. Over and over again I would throw and it would come down at the same spot. However that was all about to change. As I threw the ball it slipped away from my fingers. The ball headed straight for a valuable plate on a stand.

“Oh No!” I screamed. The plate had fallen over and shattered into a ton of little pieces. Since I was young and didn’t want to be grounded, I blamed the broken plate on my older brother Jason. He was yelled at by my parents and denied the incident because he was right.

I felt terrible about what I did. It was I who should’ve taken the yelling and punishment. That night I was haunted by the guilt. I got a bad sleep and was awaken almost every hour. The next morning I arose from bed bright and early. I watched my favorite shows because I knew that after I confessed I wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything like that for a long time. I stumbled upon my mom making breakfast. It was my favorite, scrambled eggs and cheese. I also caught a waft of hash browns on the way down as well.

I walked into the kitchen and said,” mom, I have to tell you something, I was the one who to broke the plate. I meant to tell her but I was afraid I would be grounded. My mom was furious but she got over it.

So in the end I was the one who got the punishment. I couldn’t play video games or go outside. Of course I was upset like any 12 year old kid but I still felt good that I told the truth. That day I learned that the power of the truth is very powerful. It can determine the outcome of pretty much anything. It can cause you to feel sorry and disappointed if you don’t tell it from the start, and it can haunt you if you don’t get it out there. That is why I believe in the power of the truth.