I Believe In Honesty

Brian - McGuire AFB, New Jersey
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Have you ever told a lie and gotten caught? Honesty can bring many rewards and is one of the most important values to have in life. With honesty comes other people’s trust and respect. For instance, if someone is not normally honest, most people will not believe them.

When I was three years old, and it was my brother, Alex’s, fifth birthday, I wanted to play with one of the new Bug’s Life toys that he had gotten, since this was about the time that this movie had come out in theatres. I felt that it was unfair that he got to play with all of the new toys and I didn’t, so I stole one of them from him. He was very mad at me and he went and told my parents what I had done. When they asked me about it, I denied what I did and lied. When they found out I had not told the truth, they put me in time out in the corner. I thought it was for stealing the toy then, but I now realize that it was for lying to them.

Honesty is important because people trust other people who are honest. Also, telling the truth about something will probably get the person telling the truth out of even more trouble because they did not do another thing that is wrong. If someone is normally honest, people will trust what they say and not second guess them. In addition, if someone is honest, people will respect their decisions and follow them. However, people don’t respect dishonest people’s decisions.

For example, say I hit a baseball through the kitchen window (on accident, of course) and my parents were trying to find out who did it. If I told them that I had done it, they most likely wouldn’t be too upset at me. However, if I told them that my friend had done it and they found out that I was not being honest, they would probably ground me for at least a week. They wouldn’t care about the broken window, but they would care that I had lied to them.

Now that I am more honest, people believe me when I answer a question or tell them something that they didn’t know. You see, honesty is a very important value to have. It can get you very far in life and it can help other people do the same.