I Believe in Mirrors

Jennifer - Westminster, Vermont
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe the only one who sees the true me is my mirror. It is the only one who I am completely honest with. I can say that someone, like a best friend, knows me but they truly don’t know me like my mirror. My mirror sees all the images I portray, including my true self.

I believe that mirrors see it all.

My mirror sees the things I don’t share with any body else.

My mirror sees me at the worst and the best. I can always catch myself looking at my smile while I’m happy or crying as I’m hurt.

My mirror sees my scars, as if they stand out like neon bars. I cannot hide from my mirror, it sees how I cover the scars up for no one to see. I have some bad scars that are not ones I’m proud of; I hide them almost everyday I can, with the intentions of never showing the world. I always break down in front of my mirror and know my secrets are safe.

I believe my mirror sees me “without my make-up”, its sees me when I am not always the “happy-go-lucky girl”. I might always have a smile on and something good to say, but that’s not always my true self coming out. When I go home and crash from a harsh reality check, my mirror sees it all. The tears, the pain, the wishfulness, and the praying that a change will come soon. Sometimes when I think about things, my mirror is like a best friend, I can share anything with it. Although it isn’t a real person. It’s just nice to have some way of letting it all out.

I believe in my mirror and my true image it reflects to me.

Although I say that that I hide from the world and my mirror sees that, that doesn’t mean I am a fake to everyone. I just don’t let my emotions fall on the floor in front of the world. I believe that in order to make in it in this world you have to choose who is truly there for you and not let yourself get walked over. I believe that my mirror will always show the reflection of my true self.