I believe in Softball

Brianne - Phoenix, New York
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in sports. Not just any sport though, I believe in softball. I believe when I’m playing nothing else matters except that game. When I have a bad day or too many things are on my mind to think, I know I can go to practice and everything will go away.

Since I was about seven years old I’ve been playing softball for various leagues and teams It was a sport I loved and I always looked forward to putting on my uniform, tying up my cleats and going to different fields to play. It didn’t matter what team I played on as long as I got to be on the field. I could have fought with my sister or parents earlier in the day but all those rushing thoughts disappeared when I stepped out of the truck and ran up to my team.

Now in high school, there are other social problems, from teenage drama to everyday life. I play for my school team now, and I couldn’t be happier. We have strange little rules on our team, some that no one has ever followed. According to coach there are no boys during softball season- that one never gets followed. All the drama has to be left off the bench and when I step on the field my teammates are my new family. I could have a horrible day in school, everything that could have possibly gone wrong did, but for a couple hours I can forget it and concentrate on the game. If I have anger, I take it out on the ball. I should be mad at not hitting my target, not that I failed a test earlier. Every bit of my mind is on the game. If there is a problem I know of at least twelve people that can help me through it.

There is a time for fun; if I’m not having fun I’m not playing right. My team is my family, and we all know how to have a good time. We joke around and laugh about the faults during the day, but it won’t get in the way of playing. Each of us brings a little something to the game, whether it is cheering obnoxiously when someone gets up to bat in a game or singing and dancing out on the field during practice to the car radio. My team is known for being loud and encouraging. If my team is winning by a landslide, we’ll change positions, maybe even put our third basemen into pitch. It’s not all about winning the game; I have to have fun in the process.

Softball isn’t just a game, during the season it’s a way of life. It’s forgetting about all the stress and drama; it’s about family and fun. I believe in softball. I believe I can help my team prosper and maybe win sectionals. I’ll let the game take over and do my best. I believe in the game and my team.