Learning a Life Lesson by Doing Something Right

Jenny - Wrigtstown, New Jersey
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the right thing. When was the last time you ever hesitated from doing the right thing because you were scared of the outcome? When I was younger I almost did and my sister was almost scarred for life from it.

Growing up my sister was older than I was so everyone wanted to hang out with her. I got jealous and from that I always told on her on everything she did. My sister hated me for always telling on her which made kids not want to play with me. I blamed my sister for them not wanting to play with me. I believe in forgiveness. I hated her; she hated me that’s how we led our lives.

I always wished that my sister would get hurt, but I was four I didn’t really want her too I was just mad, I never knew that I would almost get my wish. When my sister was six in the summer of 1998 she planned on making jell-o on the stove. I told her she wasn’t suppose too. I believe in following the rules. I knew my sister would get badly burned if I let her go through with it, but if I didn’t let her then she would get mad and I didn’t want that to happen again. I knew what I had to do only I hesitated for a few minutes. When my sister turned on the stove I quickly ran to my mom. I believe in telling the truth. I told her what my sister planned on doing my mom ran to the kitchen and stopped her before she put anything on the stove. I blamed myself for my sister almost getting hurt, so it took me awhile to realize that it wasn’t my fault.

I learned many life lessons that day and my sister learned one or two also. My sister learned to follow the rules or you can end up grounded. I believe in life lessons. I learned to never hesitate in doing the right thing, but the most important lesson was no matter what always try to keep your family safe.

I believe in honesty. I knew the outcome of both situations. I felt proud that I stopped my sister from getting hurt, but upset that she was mad at me, but thanks to that day I always did the right thing and remember never hesitate in doing the right thing no matter the outcomes.