Good Things Come and Go

Marisa - Pemberton, New Jersey
Entered on March 18, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Good Things Come and Go

Did you ever have something or even someone you loved and cherished very much just leave and never come back? I have, and I never realized how an important part of my life she was, until she was gone. This someone that I loved very much was my sister’s dog Lacey. She was part of my life for nine years.

Lacey was a collie and the prettiest dog I have ever seen. She had dull brown eyes, and a beautiful fur coat. Her colors were so unique. She was light brown around her torso and on her face he was a darker brown with a white snout. Her tail was long and voluptuous and never stopped moving. Lacey was always filled with excitement, always very energetic. She loved every one in our family, but I have too say, she always paid the most attention to my sister and cared for her the most. Lacey always listened and barely ever made a mistake. She listened to whatever my sister told her to do and did it. I believe she was the best dog ever!

I believe when you tell stories about the ones who passed away, are a good way of bringing back memories of them. Once, when I was about six years old and four feet high I was playing outside with Lacey and my sister. I must have gotten on my sister’s nerves and all of a sudden she said

“Lacey, go get Riss!”

Lacey started darting towards me and so I started running. She eventually caught up too me and literally tackled me. I remember, I just laid there on the brown dirt and laughing. Lacey was licking my shoe, and I just laughed. I will never forget that day as long as I live and will always consider it my best and happiest memory of her.

Unfortunately, Lacey passed away March 10, 2006. That day, was the worst day ever. I never really appreciated her until she was gone. When I left that vet room, knowing that the words “I love you Lacey” were the last words I would ever say to her, which broke me down. I kept thinking why she would have to leave if I love her, and my whole family loved her. It wasn’t fair. I believe that people and animals you love should never go anywhere and always be there. However, now, I believe that everything you love won’t always be there forever. Overall, I believe good things that happen to you in life, things you love, always come and go. Why would you get close to somebody if you know they’ll leave? I don’t know, but I always get too attached too pets. I now realize you shouldn’t think about the bad things, just the good things come to you in your life and you should always cherish them.