I Believe Gaurdian Andles Do Exists

Sarah - Appleton, Wisconsin
Entered on March 17, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Sarah Beaupre

All my life when I was not able to explain how something worked out in my favor, I would always assume it was guardian angle looking out for me. Well since being the youngest of four I always was left out of most things. But it never matter because I had my pet gerbil to be my best friend. Why a gerbil cause my parents would never let me have anything else and with that I really appreciated that small little pal of mine.

Sadly enough when my pet past away one day, I was so heart broken I lashed out on faith cause how they could take something that meant the world to me away from me so sudden. The day he past was my birthday and I was playing with him in the morning until I needed to take a shower and get ready for guest to arrive. He was very affectionate that morning which I thought was a little odd but thought nothing of it. As I went to went to take a shower I kissed him on this head and put him back in his cage. After the shower my mom was putting cheese on the table and I went to garb some for my pet but when I got to his cage he had already past away. My heart sank and the tears fell from my eyes. Losing my best friend was like losing a part of my sole.

I never could find peace after that day until the day my mom was driving us to my grandma’s house. It was a clear day and we came to a stop sing at the KK high way

And when we thought it was clear to cross the high way we did not see a red truck. A red truck at 65 mph hit my side of the car, it was a T-bone accident. I don’t remember the accident although what I do remember is something different. However I still feel weird about talking about it to this day even though it happened 5 years ago. But what I do remember is I did see my pet and there was so much joy that filled my heart. I could not go to him because some guy off in the distance wanted me to think about the truck. When I finally did come to, there were about five people trying to get me out of the car. Six hours latter I walk out of that hospital with a crack cheek bone and my muscle torn form café part of my right leg. The doctors could not believe I walk away from it when they said the survival rate on that kind of accident was 5% chance. I told the doctors it was my guardian looking out for me.

After that day I finally believe in my faith and in my guardian angle always looking out for me. Even to this day I feel that even when you want to blame god for things that go wrong he will still help you as long as you forgive him.