Isabel - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on March 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in photography. There is a famous saying: a picture is worth a thousand words; but I think pictures are so much more than that. Pictures not only capture a moment, but they capture a feeling, an expression, a presence. There are many different elements to photography: the lighting, the setting, the object(s), and most importantly, the photographer. I feel the photographer is most important element because every photographer is different, each sees the world differently, each has a different view and perspective; each captures a different picture.

Photography is very personal. Because everyone sees the world differently, things’ meaning can be totally different depending who is looking at them; a beautiful rose might be taken in vivid color by one photographer who appreciated the bright red petals or their contrast with the green stem and leaves, but taken in black and white by another photographer who wanted to focus on the structure and shape of the petals and how they fell on top of each other and came together.

A few years ago, we lost a member of our family, so we found a statue of an angel and put it in our garden. One cold winter day, it started snowing, so I decided to go outside to take pictures of this rare event. All of the flowers and plants were dead, and the ground was barren and brown, but the statue had snow on it, and it made the garden beautiful. In the picture, the snowflakes became much larger and were like big white blobs, but in the back corner of the photograph was the angel and it was such a pretty setting. I love that picture because it means so much to me, “baby’s first snow”. Photography is such beautiful thing, and it keeps the world alive; this I believe