Our Country

Katherine - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on March 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in my country. I believe in the waving flag on a windy day, the face of a bald eagle, freedom of speech, hot dogs, and Uncle Sam. I have not always been quite this patriotic.

I was born a politicians daughter, exactly one year after my father lost the race for lt. governor, and I was, as the local paper put it, my father’s consolation prize. From a young age I knew exactly how politics worked, with a father in the House of Representatives, its hard not to. Politics has always been a part of my life. From ages 2-7 there are no pictures of me wearing anything except American red, white and blue. There were no summers that didn’t include political picnics, and there were no Christmas eves that weren’t spent at the governor’s mansion. I had come to hate politics; I had come to hate my country.

One day we were hosting a party for a politician at my house. At this time one of the big issues in Georgia was the flag; should it or should it not have the confederate embalm on it? Half way through the party three massive trucks pulled into my street waving huge confederate flags. As I informed my mother of the unexpected guests in our street, her face beamed with utter embarrassment. Then she did something I could have never imagined my northern born and raised mother to do, she told me to offer the protesters hamburgers! As I spoke with the protesters, I came to find that they were not awful people, they were just men with questionable views practicing their freedom of speech.

The United States gives every citizen certain rights, and though the politicians may not always be honest, they protect those rights. I am proud to be a part a country whose citizens try to uphold great standards. After all our country is composed of every day heroes. I am proud of the heroes who built, and are continuing to build our country. I am so grateful for those who fought in the revolutionary war, to gain this country’s freedom. I am thankful for those on flight 93, who heroically fought terror and avoided a horrific outcome. The single mothers, blue-collar workers, educators, and those in the armed forces are the sturdy backbone of this country that I love so dearly.

I believe in freedom of religion, the every-day, hero fireworks, hamburgers, and my country.