This I Believe

Leah - Watkinsville, Georgia
Entered on March 15, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

I was in the rainforest of Ecuador. I was informed that I was going to get to help in the relocation of a group of Howler Monkeys whose habitat had been destroyed. This opportunity fascinated me, even as an eleven year old. The news of the monkey’s habitat being destroyed saddened me. However, I realized that I was going to get to help make a difference in the life of another creature.

I remember wondering why the lives of these monkeys and so many helpless creatures were lost because their homes were destroyed. Then I came to the conclusion that our planet is constantly changing and being altered by the desire of mankind to be wealthy and live happily. Since I saw how the loss of habitat affects everything, I came to believe in the conservation and protection of our planet, Earth.

I have been fortunate to be able to travel to many different places. I have seen how greed and wealth can lead to the destruction of our planet. Despite all the destruction that exists, what has truly led me to believe that the environment should be protected is the fact that I have also seen places where destruction of habitat is not occurring. Seeing how beautiful and peaceful undeveloped places are makes me feel happy and also spoiled in that I cannot be content with strip malls and highways.

My planet should be protected. It should not have to suffer. I have learned to respect the environment, and I have learned ways to help revive it. My mom is an environmental educator. She has taught me how to take care of the environment and how to avoid harm. My house is a place of recycling and composting. It is a place of gardens, woods, and no artificial grass. The animals live freely in the environment that they have created themselves. My planet needs to be free and saved from contractors and developers. The logging companies need to stop taking away the homes from all of Earth’s creatures.

People like me exist all over the world. People are trying to educate new generations about the importance of conservation. I have been a junior counselor for three summers at an environmental summer camp. Planet Earth can be saved from destruction. I am emphasizing my belief in the protection of the planet and trying to do my part to help.