I believe in asparagus.

Jeanne - Montague, New Jersey
Entered on March 14, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in asparagus.Every spring I would wait for the first little shoots to spring up from the earth.And wait I did.Asparagus takes it’s time,but well worth the wait.I believe in waiting with patience. People are in too much of a hurry.I swear someone tailgated me at a drive-thru! Don’t get me wrong, I live in the now, but not the right now. When you patiently wait, the world slows down, and lets you enjoy life. Road rage can turn into a nice ride home listening to audio tapes. Bank lines can be recipe swaps and crowded doctor offices can become a book club! Waiting with patience allows you to give yourself enough time,manages your day less stressfully, and can even make you a kinder person. Calmness is catchy you know. It can drift across any counter and make the irate customer feel silly about being mean. I”m no pollyanna. I have three children, two dogs and a husband. I know chaos. I have also been a dental hygienist for thirty-one years. People come in nervous, but by time they leave me they are calm, happy and their teeth are shining! I take the time to patiently wait for them to tell me how much they hate getting their teeth cleaned, is it going to hurt, and how did a nice girl like me ever get into this profession? I smile,agree I’m not on anyone’s happy to-do list,no I won’t hurt them, and I have no idea why this profession never grosses me out.

The world is a beautiful place for us to experience. It should not be a blur of trees outside our car windows with a blue tooth stuck in our ear and a cafe latte spilling on our laps. Wait patiently for this earth to unfold. Grow a garden and harvest it’s bounty. Make a meal that takes more than three minutes to zap. Hey! That reminds me. My asparagus omelet is ready!