This I Believe

Mandolin - Buena Park, California
Entered on March 14, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I could have missed out on all of the excitement. So, I believe in chances. I believe that taking chances can guide you to something you may take pleasure in. If you never take a risk and attempt something out of your comfort zone, you might not experience something you love.

When selecting our high school classes, I wished to take A Child’s World, a class in relation to working with children. I hoped to be a teacher since a young age, so I had my mind set on A Child’s World for a while. Unfortunately, my counselor said I would have to select a fine arts class to get my graduation credits. I ended up with ceramics. Counselors informed us that ceramics was a difficult class, and students, including myself, were turned off. At home that day, I was steaming with anger like a boiling teapot. It seemed stupid to get worked up over something so little, but I did. I ranted on to my family about how it was unfair to have my choices neglected.

Once school began, I looked forward to all of my classes, except ceramics. And in the first few weeks, it was not very exciting nor was it easy. It was as complex as solving a word search: looking for meaning within the overwhelming amount of information before you. As other students dropped the class, I considered it too, but then I decided to stick it out and await the results. I remained in the class for the rest of the course; it became one of my favorite classes. I learned numerous things, one of them: I had artistic talent. One of my pieces of work sat in a glass case in the school media center, something unexpected, because I had always believed that art just was not my niche. I always felt proud knowing my art was displayed with a select few out of over one hundred students. I created many things in ceramics: bowls, plates, and cups, all by throwing on the wheel, something I never thought I would do. I built an African mask, a global warming project, and a vessel in memory of my grandfather, who was survived the Pearl Harbor attacks.

Without giving ceramics a chance, I would have lost all of the pleasure in discovering I possessed an artistic side. We take many chances every day. We make risky moves, apply things differently, and try new things. Chances can lead us in new directions: forward, backward, or leave us in the same place, but when taking a chance you just may find something that you would have missed before.