I Believe in Sports

Bredt - Denver, Colorado
Entered on March 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the meaning and bonding of sports. When I play sports I have so many things to believe in especially when the game begins. It may be for fun or it may be for something very big, but either way it should be for something you love to do. My views of sports have changed as I have grown up.

As I have grown older, I started to become more and more involved in sports, especially in high school. I am excited to play because I had grown to love sports. It was different than I expected. Going into high school, I didn’t know too many kids in the school, though sports I have made many new friends, I learned something else that I loved about sports; they help you develop new friends. Throughout my sports, I have been able to build new friendships, strengthen old ones, and push my self in ways I didn’t think possible I have been able to become much stronger athlete.

On the first day of preseason tennis I didn’t no where to start. There was chaos all and around me, kids playing tennis, friends saying hi again after the long summer and then the couple of kids that are new not knowing what to do, like me. I was nervous and had no idea what to do. I felt like and outcast, with no one liking talking to me. I started to warm up with everyone else not know where to fit in.

As the week went on I stared to make friendships and have a good time being at practice. It the last day before preseason and I was hitting against the wall by myself. My friends were hitting together behind me. I hit a hard ball at the wall, then I look away and the ball hit me right in the family jewels. I fell to the ground in agony. I laid there in complete and utter pain. A couple of freshmen walked over to me laughing and asked, “Are you ok Bredt?” I responded with a yes and they helped me up. When they grabbed my hand and helped me up, I finally felt this bonding of friendship. This was the beginning of a lifetime friendship.

The tennis season was a very big time of making friends and having fun being with those friends. I will never with forget the bond I made with my tennis friends.