I Believe in Immaturity

lucy - greenwood village, Colorado
Entered on March 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

This I Believe

I believe in immaturity. I believe that from the ages five all the way to eighty-five, people commit acts of immaturity. Most people would think that once a person reaches high school; they immediately hit a wall blocking immaturity. At times, yes I agree that when people are immature, it is annoying. For example, it really bothers me when your “so called friends” make up a rumor about you just to have something to talk about. It is the worst feeling when that sort of rumor comes back to you and you hear it. This has happened with me multiple times, and I now do not consider those people my friends. Obviously, I am at times one of the most immature people in our grade, just ask anyone of my friends, or even anyone in the school. This is easy for me admit because I know it is true and I know that makes me more of a unique person. Whenever we are getting talks from the upperclassmen about our grade being so annoying and immature, I honestly do agree with them. But over time I know we will change and become more mature. But, for now, I want to stay childish almost like Peter Pan and his theory on never growing up and staying a child or childish forever. The reason that I admit I am immature, and do not mind that is because whenever I act immature, are almost always the times when I am having the most fun. Yes, it can get annoying, but not many “serious” people agree that there are different types of immaturities. I believe that you are either an immature person just trying to get attention, or you are just trying to have a good laugh with your friends. I know that over my high school career there will be gradual changes, but I know that in my heart I will forever be a child in that immature way. As I stated before, I agree and disagree with what Peter Pan said about never wanting to grow up. Yes I want to turn sixteen to get my license, or eighteen in order to graduate and go to college, but I also want to have those moments when you do not care who is watching you, or who thinks you are weird. I want to still be able to watch Winnie the Pooh when I am thirty years old. That is not an annoying maturity that is the type where you just want to have a little fun. The type of immaturity I posses is me trying to get over the various stresses of high school. When I am not getting the best grades or I am not doing well on the athletic fields, the only thing that truly heals that stress is a good laugh with your best friends.