I Believe You Can Only Depend on Yourself

Jenny - Brazoria, Texas
Entered on March 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe you can only depend on yourself. I believe that being dependent on others only leads you to hurt and disappointment. I believe that being emotionally strong in yourself and in who you are is the only way to get through life. There are situations and opportunities everywhere for you to lose yourself. Being strong in who you are is the only way you can withstand the push of the people that surround you. It is the choices you make that decide which direction your life will take. Depending on yourself lets you know that in tough situations you are strong enough not to rely on others.

I believe that people will let you down if you give them the chance. Sometimes the people you love and trust the greatest are the ones that can hurt you the most. No matter how much you want to trust them, you can not. In the end, all you are left with is broken promises, crushed hopes, and pain. Instead of a friendship, you realize all you had was an artificial bond between you and someone else.

I believe in only changing for yourself. Everywhere I see, the people I have known are changing, not for themselves, but instead conforming to what their friends and the rest of society thinks they should be. I only change for myself. Doing this keeps me true to myself.