To Treat Others With Respect

Shari - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Entered on March 12, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

What a beautiful world this would be if we all followed the simple belief of treating others as an equal; giving people the same respect we expect them to give us. Growing up, I took for granted my deep-rooted belief of giving others the same respect, nonjudgment, empathy, and undivided attention I assumed was something everyone was inherently born with, or learned from their parents, teachers and other adults.

By no means am I perfect, but the one thing I truly pride, is my ingrained belief that we are no better than anyone else – regardless of our profession, age, opportunities, education, financial status, physical appearance, who we are married to, our family of origin, etc.; and that we all deserve the same respect. When I communicate with people, I try not judging them based on their color, age, status, or appearance; nor do I see people on a social hierarchy. Even though I am observant and intuitive, my belief in treating others as equals with respect is so strong; it is as if I am wearing blinds when interacting.

What comes with my belief of treating others with respect is the assumption that people will give me that same respect in return. Only when that belief is not reciprocated do the blinds come off; and in a sense I begin to judge, just as I am being judged. It is during these times I need to hold on even tighter to this core belief of mine of treating others with respect, and as an equal, without judgment, even if that belief is not shared.

This simple, yet deep-rooted belief seems like an obvious golden rule of life to follow. Yet some people believe that they are better than others, or deserve more respect. Some believe respect is earned, or others believe it is an entitlement based on various factors mentioned above. How many times have I dealt with people’s attitudes of their own perceived superior ranks on the social hierarchy ladder? Often times I have been judged based on where I live, or grew up, what I do for a living, or on my appearance. Yet I choose to believe everyone deserves the same respect; that this is an innate right we are all equally born with and deserve; regardless.

I choose to follow my long unshakable belief of treating others with respect, and without judgment. And although my belief is often put to the test against me, I will remain strong in this deep-rooted belief I am grateful to claim.