Why I believe there is a God

phil - Simi Valley, California
Entered on March 11, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe there is a God for one reason only: humans believe right and wrong. It is that simple. Right and wrong can only exist if there is a God. Morals and ethics are Godly concepts that do not exist in the animal kingdom. Right for an animal fosters survival, wrong for an animal threatens survival. Human abuse of an animal is morally wrong, from a human stand point, human compassion and care of a vulnerable animal is morally right. That is one simple example. I don’t care what religious model or system you relate to (or if you don’t for that matter). You believe in God if you have morals and ethics. If you have no conscience or sense of shame, you are not a believer. You may and can with ease reject formal religions, which are just crappy pathways to understanding God. But you cannot reject your own morals and ethics (unless you are a sociopath) and thus cannot reject God. For where else would morals and ethics come from but some “higher ground”? Enough said.