Robberds at a Wedding Reception

Mike - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on March 10, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Robbers at a Wedding Reception

Last September during my cousin’s wedding reception, several men appeared in black ski masks ready to gator at the end of “Shout!” All of the party guests were not sure how to react but once they saw the masked men gatoring they knew it was all in good humor. I was among one of the masked men as well as my dad and brothers, cousins and uncle. By the end of the night the masks were being thrown around everywhere and we even got an eighty year old man with a broken arm to wear one of them. Earlier that day, after we had bought the masks at an army and navy store my dad, brother, cousins, uncle and I drove around town wearing them. Most people were scared half to death when they saw us. We eventually stopped by the store my mom and aunt were shopping at and starred them down. They thought a robbery was going to take place. Once we told them it was us they all had a good laugh out of it.

My dad has always taught me that in life you are either in the show or just an observer. This I believe. What this means to me is that one can embrace life or just let it slip out of their fingers. The people at the wedding reception saw that we were just having fun and accepted it by joining in. People like that eighty year old man was definitely in the show. He loved the fact that a bunch of men wearing three-holed ski masks appeared from nowhere in the middle of “Shout!” Too many people are uptight and don’t participate in life the way they should. They worry too much and do not enjoy life .What this wedding reception has taught me is that it is always good to be a part of life and make the best of it by embracing and loving it.