I Believe in the Possiblities of Positivity

Anthony - Oak Park, Illinois
Entered on March 10, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Sophomore year, full of fear, only things missing were my tears

Pretending to be full of cheer, I used to be social

To scared to eat in a new cafeteria, Saying im not hungry, Im so full

But my souls not full, Its CAPITAL Always hard to go somewhere new,

You look in the mirror and ask yourself, what happened to you?

As i remember, First Semester, i would eat lunch by myself

Still getting lost in the seemingly never ending hallways,Still asking for help

It seemed like i was on my own, to much pride to start telling people i ate alone,

Anyways,To them, i was some average kid munching on an average sandwich,

Bologna and cheese as I recall, As i sat down in the cold, everyone seemed so tall.

No one seemed to notice me, like a deflated basketball,

One day some stranger spoke to me, he didn’t sit to close to me

But i thought, this is how meeting friends is suppose to be, right? Wrong.

It took me quite a while to realize that I have to approach others,

Not just wait till I got home to tell everything to my mother,

Months went by, still the same old guy, same old sigh, same gray sky

Until the Second Semester happened, I realized how much i liked rapping.

So I did a little here and there, Didn’t really care,

One day during lunch, a burst of confidence must of socked me,

Because no pride or the shy inside blocked me,

I started to speak to some random drifter, All alone,

His face was dripping, like the ice cream on an ice cream cone,

I then had an epiphany, People like real guys, With real insides,

I started to make tons of friends, all thanks to my new found confidence

All this was because i was beginning to believe in the Possibilities of Positivity,

I tore down all the walls made by fear and pride,

That had me cage and enslaved to them, like a chicken coop to a hen.

People always ask me, and keep asking,

Who are you, What do you do?

And i just stare into my mirror and smile,

Thinking, “Hey , I know you”