I Believe In Equality

Yesenia - Bend, Oregon
Entered on March 10, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality


People at school (high school) think its “cool” to discriminate a person. And they, the people made fun of feel bad afterwards. That is why I believe that everyone should be treated equally.

We (Hispanics) get discriminated really easily. Its either by our color, language, religion, fashion, age, race, and, or ability to do things. But it’s not just the Hispanics, its everyone in the world who has been discriminated in some way. This in my opinion discriminating is wrong. For example teachers in my middle school they would tell us that hey would give us detention for speaking our language witch was Spanish. At that moment I was feeling like a bomb about to explode with anger, but luckily I calmed my self down. What was funny was that no one listen and kept on speaking their native language and in my case is Spanish.

Sometimes when people are calling other people names they are doing it to either fell better. Or maybe because someone else did it to them and wanted revenge in some way. This leads me to believe that no matter what someone owns, has or doesn’t have, everyone is the same from the inside. The outside doesn’t matter.

I believe that everyone should be treated equally no one is any different from my friends, Family, of just my neighbors. They are all the same.