Independence and Responsibility

Stephen - Plano, Texas
Entered on March 10, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

Independence and responsibility are the two most important aspects of the human life. They have a virtual link together, but responsibility is the bigger of the two. By taking responsibility more serious, you can expand the independence more. If either of these things are not in life, where does life go? People don’t see how early the idealism behind these characteristics has to be taken on. It starts as early as possible, and becomes more and more significant as people grow up.

Some people never see it, never grow up, and get nowhere in life. No one can strive to be one of those people. Don’t expect life to be successful without responsibility. The ones going nowhere know that, and yet they still plummet into a downward spiral. Therefore, I feel no sympathy for these people, as they are not far and few. America is based on these ideas, and there are people piling up by the millions not being responsible.

Crime, murder, robbery, rape, suicide, kidnapping, torture, modern day slaves, theft, the list goes on. The people performing these terrible actions are the ones without independence or responsibility. Obviously, if they had either of these things in their lives, they wouldn’t be doing any of this.

Our generation cannot be like them. Independence is a great feeling, and responsibility isn’t so bad itself. You’re finally grown up, on your own, and have access to your own life, according to how you see fit, as long as you keep up the responsibility.

After you think about it, how would this world look if everyone took these things upon themselves, and made it a part of their everyday lives? No more drugs, organized crime, random crime in general, everyone would have a job, and the jails would be empty. No more death penalty, no more arrests, this could go on for a long time. It would be incredible. A utopian society.

But realistic? Absolutely not. Nobody is perfect when it comes to these characteristics, but some are more adept to the idea than others are. As life continues, try to make at least one of these things (if not both of them) more and more prominent. It’s what keeps this little blue and green ball spinning, and we can’t have that stop. Some people shut their eyes when the lights come on, and now it’s our turn to open them.