Was it Luck?

Cody - wellesley, Massachusetts
Entered on March 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I’ve heard many things during my life about the nature of God and His “miracles”. Some people say that miracles never happen, and that everything is based purely off science. I’ve also heard people that believe very deeply in miracles and the works of God. I have never really believed in miracles over the course of my life, but after witnessing what I think to be some, it is clear to me that they do happen.

When I was a fourth grader, I was told that my uncle had leukemia, and was going to die surely within a few months. Only being 9 years old, I didn’t understand the importance of this news. I was naïve and only partially understood what was going on, but still knew something bad was going on. After a couple months, the time he was supposed to pass away arrived. He continued living, and my entire family was filled with happiness. Even though I was still young, the happiness was transferred to me. On that day, my belief in miracles was established. Looking back now, I realize that this affected me as much sub-consciously as it did consciously. Beneath the multitude of tears that were shed over his death, I still came to appreciate what had happened to him. He was allowed to live for more than he was “supposed” to.

This only instilled a minor belief in miracles though, and it wasn’t until a few years later that I took on a full belief in them. My grandfather has been diagnosed with cancer for as long as I can remember, and at one point he was also told that he was going to die within a few months. Instead of dying after those few months, he still lives on even after a few years later. I still wonder how it happened. There was no scientific break through that helped cured him temporarily. Maybe it was luck. For me, this represents that miracles can happen. A man living for years after he was “supposed” to isn’t something that happens to everyone and it leaves me wondering how and why it happened. After witnessing these events, I am now completely sure about my belief in miracles. I can see no explanation for why these things occurred but I am sure they were miracles.