This I Believe

Daniel - North Plainfield, New Jersey
Entered on March 9, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe the modern Medical Community is totally corrupt and Do Not care about people’s health anymore. They only care about how much money they can make from them. I have been living with a massive skull fracture for almost 9 years, that happened at work because an employee left dangerous equipment where it should not have been. The first doctor I saw lied and altered the original xrays taken after my injury and this behavior has continued through 33 doctors and almost as many Radiologists throughout NJ, NY and Pa. Now I have found my stiff neck is caused by much damage to my Cervical Spine and my entire spine is compressed it’s entire length. The bottom of my spine is where excruciating pain is also present. I have a doctor’s report mentioning fracture but this is ignored. Recently a Neurologist said I have a Massive Brain Injury, but will not write this in her report. I cannot now use my left hand because 2 tendons disconnected for no apparent reason and this causes excruciating pain. The same thing appears to be happening now in my right wrist and I know it’s because of the nerve damage being caused by the damaged Cervical Spine at C5-C7. The medical system is alerting all doctors and radiologists not to diagnose me which has made it virtually impossible for me to get a good lawyer. I recently went to court to get rid of the lawyer I had who could not afford proving my case. Thanks to my primary care doctor I at least get medicine for my pain and I have managed to get some treatment for my extensive nerve pain in my neck. This has made my life a little more bearable to endure compared to the first 5 years when I was given nothing but antidepressants which only made me very suicidal. But the constant nerve pain I suffer every day in my head is being totally ignored even though tests I have managed to get had positive results. I have become deeply depressed because of all this suffering and stress and now have to see a Psychiatrist. These physicians are even giving mis-information to Social Security, they have no fear of anybody. I had to retire from my high paying job and now have hardly any income. I know that “Truth always wins”, but these professionals are doing their best to not allow it to get out.