Matt Damons Coloring Book

Ege - Bucharest, Romania
Entered on March 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question

I believe that randomness is a divine fragment of Godlike existence left to mankind from paradise.

Nobody could survive till the end of the day without random things happening around them. The little things you did not include in that dinky plan you made when you were in the bathroom brushing your teeth before you leave the house. Well if you don’t brush your teeth then when you were tying your shoelaces (if you don’t own shoes there is nothing more I can say to you). These things don’t have to be extreme like Ronald McDonald making a hamburger out of your parents eating them and later on using your bathroom and leave you with nothing but leftovers and a clogged toilet or your school building being evacuated because of an earthquake when it’s actually one of your classmates who forgot his silencer so passed gas too loud. It could be like you and your dad, mom whoever go to the mall to grab something to eat but you end up with a new edition of Pirates of the Caribbean playing cards, box of oranges and the latest copy of Disney coloring book Matt Damon Edition.

By now you’re probably wondering if you’ve got the stomach to read more. What would happen if everything went according to plan? That would basically be knowing the end of the movie. At least the end of ‘your’ movie. Personally I love doing unexpected things. There would be nothing special about us if we didn’t surprise those around us. It would be like as if we were programmed. There are several things that separate us from animals and machines and I would say this is one of those things. The only thing my dog does that’s random is take a dump at the weirdest spot in the house and that’s barely random. You know its going to happen but you don’t know its location or its time.

Anyway enough about the dog. Save yourself! Do yourself a favor and try something you wouldn’t normally try because if there is one thing you need to remember its to avoid normal and usual. Eat the vegetable you hate the most or buy a bird when you already have a cat. I don’t know if its what you want but its definitely what you need.