Dean - Bucharest, Romania
Entered on March 9, 2009
Age Group: Under 18


A mind composed of realistic thoughts I s only half a mind. I believe in daring to explore the possibilities and truly drawing the line between the realistic and the impossible. I believe in dreaming.

A mind is a home for abstract thought in which dreaming is realistic. By dreaming you put in cement what is realistic, causing realists to realize what is possible. Where would realists be without dreamers? All advancements are impossible without dreaming, and all realistic thinking is the result of dreaming.

One afternoon about two years ago, I was playing the drums. After I finished playing my friend Nicu told me that I was really good. I felt really encouraged, kind of like a pat on the back. He started asking questions about the drums, and then I told him that when I get older I want to be a professional musician. He laughed and shook his head, “Come on, you can’t do that.” I felt so discouraged! It was so frustrating that one moment he could be telling me I’m so good at playing the drums and the next moment telling me I’d never make a living from it. I felt like giving up music. What was the point if I will never live my dream? But, I realized there will always be someone in life trying to tell me that I can’t live my dream. But that should never stop me. What does a realist know other than what has been proven? Nicu can’t see into the future, so who is he to tell me that I won’t be a musician. I bet more dreams are crushed by a realist than by the actual reality of not achieving dreams.

Telling someone to stop dreaming is not helpful. If no one dreams, society would never progress. Think about how different the world would be without planes or light bulbs. What if Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers never dreamt? What if you and I never dream? It is our duty to dream, and it’s a mistake to ignore it.