Dog Jailbreak

Ben - Michigan
Entered on March 8, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

The lonely barks send chills down my spine. As I walk down the rows and rows of cages I see some sad little faces that I know would never leave. It breaks my heart nobody will even give them a chance. Some day soon I know that most will be walking down the “Green Mile” to a room witch they will never walk out of. Some of these dogs and cats were brought in because they were too aggressive, but most were brought in because their owners were irresponsible and did not think before purchasing a pet. So they return them. A lucky few will be adopted out, but most will die.

When I go down to Florida to visit my uncle I always look forward to playing golf and swimming. The green grass of the golf course and the relaxation of the cool water touching my skin are something I enjoy very much. On Tuesdays and Thursdays my uncle is a volunteer at a local humane society in St. Lucie County. Whenever I visit I always lend a helping. Walking into the building you immediately hear the laboring barks of the hundreds of homeless animals. Our job there is simple take the dogs out for a few minutes to play in the Florida sun. When my uncle and I walk down the cramped rows of dogs, it is hard to ignore the smell of feces and urine. It’s sad that they have to live in those conditions week in and week out. Just a year ago the humane use to adopt out most of the animals when the economy was healthy, leaving only the sick and aggressive. But in January it seemed as if the could not give the dogs away, due to the bad economy. They told me a shocking figure that less then a year ago they use to adopt out 70% of dogs but since then the number has went down to 15%. They told me that people just could not afford to take care of a petlet alone take care of themselves.

I believe that people should no longer be allowed to breed animals. There are too many great pets sitting in cages waiting for somebody to adopt them into a loving home. These animals are no different then those you would buy at a breeder. In fact they are cheaper. To get a dog from a breeder is about $400. From the pound it is about $100. Breeding should be stopped until the numbers in the animal shelters are under control. I know it is not the top priority of Americans today. But it’s hard to look cute dog in the eyes knowing that the chance of it leaving alive is 15 in a 100.