Diego - Sanford, Maine
Entered on March 8, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: humanism

I believe human beings are an animal species. Our past, present, and future is rooted in our grasping the full implications of who and what we are. We are creatures who have developed an capacity to ponder not only our experience, but to envision futures and future experiences of our kind and of our world. And while our abilities in the mental realms gives us power as a species, it also imposes responsibility for ourselves and our planet.

The full extent of our reasoning abilities have not been mapped. Our literature, music, and technology to date reveal our relentless thirst to know and understand. Yet our history shows another set of traits: we can be fearful of things we either do not understand or have been taught to distrust. As a species, we balance knowing and suspicion in roughly equal measure. Our best is measured by our confidence and caring nature, our worst by our destruction and warring.

I believe that human experience tells us that all people desire essentially the same things. We want abundant food, water, land, and a safe environment in which to raise our children and teach them and watch them grow. We know from life that we can grow in numbers only to the extent that land, water, and food will support us. We know that though we may have different habits and customs from other humans by cultural adaptation, the goals of each society are the same.

I believe it is in our power to create a world society in which all humans recognize and live by the understandings of our essential natures. I believe that fears are the enemy of our reason. We share the same fate, all of us, and if we find means to live as true neighbors we have hope of a long survival and history. Our power gives us the ability to destroy, but it also gives us the means to coexist. I believe the best of human potential is seeking the latter course.