This I Believe

Patricia - Glen Rock, New Jersey
Entered on March 7, 2009
Age Group: 65+

My life’s journey began at conception. The time spent in the womb set the stage for my future mental, physical and spiritual well being. My development depended on the care I was given in vitro and my genetic makeup.

The first breath of life-sustaining oxygen was my introduction to the “real” world. From that point forward I was a blank slate waiting for the experiences of a lifetime to leave there imprint. There were encounters that allowed my spirit to soar and others that attempted to drown me in the quagmire of desolation. My responses depended on the strength of my beliefs and the teachings of the people I

allowed to impact my life.

Although I go through my life surrounded by people, I am making a solo pilgrimage. When I reached the age of reason, I alone became responsible for my actions. All the data I have assimilated and stored in my memory banks in combination with the quality of love, caring and understanding that I have received will determine how I affect the lives of my fellow travelers.

I have it within me to be a positive influence in my world with something as simple as a smile or as complex as a personal self-sacrificing act. Before my life comes to an end, it should be my responsibility to improve humanity in even the smallest way.