I Believe

Mary Ann - McLean, Virginia
Entered on March 6, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in God, honesty, personal responsiblilty, integrity and small government.

I believe our culture is quickly slipping into a culture of DEATH and this scares me. I believe the main stram media, Hollywood, it’s stars and movie makers have over many years allowed our founding principals to be distorted.

Abortion has eliminated an entire generation. How can we turn our back on the UNBORN CHILD?

We have allowed media to hide the truth, politicans lie and make up what they want us to believe and UNINFORMED Americans who believe what their government states.

It saddens me that families do not have the backbone to spend within their means. Overspending and allowing government to support them is shameful. We have support for those that can not help themselves – not those that can!

I am ashamed at our politicians, I am ashamed at our schools especially inner city schools and I am ashamed Americans have allowed the beliefs of our forefathers.

Wake up America – BELIEVE IN AMERICA.