I Understand Dogs

Adam - Portland, Maine
Entered on March 6, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I have always loved dogs. No matter how disobedient, untrained, or stupid they may seem, I’ve always loved dogs. They play with you, comfort you, and love you. And all they ask in return is that you love them back. I believe that dogs were brought into this world to help people enjoy life.

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always enjoyed petting little dogs walking down the street. I was always one of those kids who has always wanted a dog. After many years, I’ve finally got a dog, Rocky. Rocky is a female dog who is a cross breed between a labrador and a collie.

Rocky no one seems to know anything about. All we know is that she used to belong to a truck driver. The truck driver didn’t want her anymore. He was going to get rid of her, but my aunt volunteered to take her in. She already had a dog and heard that we really wanted a dog, so she gave her to us.

through out the years of being with Rocky, I have learned many things about understanding dogs. I’ve learned about how they can make you feel better by petting them when your upset. I’ve learned that 94% percent of humans say their dog makes them smile every day. I am defiantly one of that 94% percent of people.

Like a lot of people, I believe that my dog is one of my best friends. My dog may not be like a normal dog, running and playing outside( she’s more of a couch potato), but she still enjoys sitting with me and being pet. We both enjoy it. She likes being pet because it feels like a massage, and I like petting her because of her soft coat. Sometimes we sit for hours comforting each other. I sometimes can’t help myself and tell her a story about my life. I know dogs can’t understand English, but with my dog, sometimes, I beg to differ.