I Believe In Beginnings

Kristin - Delaware, Ohio
Entered on March 6, 2009
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: change

This I Believe

I believe in beginnings. Beginning of the school year, beginning of spring. Beginning to read a new book. What hope! What potential!

The school year? New crayons; long, sharp pencils; smooth, soft, pink erasers; a fresh stack of lined, three-holed paper, or, these days, a new file on the computer screen: History/Lecture 1. SAVE.

Spring begins and, whoosh, we’re into sunshine, tulips, finches and warblers. Even spring nights echo with peepers or creepers. The expectation of fresh, newness pulses all around. What will THIS season reveal?

New beginnings call for celebration. Some are broad and wide-open beginnings: a new baby arriving or a wedding — a major WOW. What potential for lifelong transformation and adventure! Clearly, these beginnings call for music and rejoicing. Promise and hope overflow.

I believe in smaller beginnings, too, and celebrate them, as well. The first time I ate walnuts and liked them — what a good day it was. I began to like this unique, sweet, almost-crunchy, sort-of chewy delicacy and banana bread will never be bland again.

Settling in with a new mystery, a cup of tea beside me, and the sun streaming through the window – what a delicious beginning. In fact, it felt so good that I read straight through the book. Hmmm. Begin that again, will you?

In my parents’ passing, in my middle age, I find myself beginning my solo life, no longer the student-pilot, radio-tethered to flight-instructor. Now, flying free, I’m beginning again!

So here it is. I believe in beginnings large and small. I celebrate the starts of life, of marriages, of presidencies, of eras. I rejoice in a kid learning to ride a bike or beginning to like walnuts. Beginning today, it’s a fresh start and a reason to rejoice. Yippi Kie Yie Yippi Waaaahoo!