Life on earth is a Mystery

Paul - Columbus, New Jersey
Entered on March 5, 2009
Age Group: 65+

I believe that everything about life on earth is a mystery. Let me tell you why.

The genes in my body cells dominate my basic nature. The environment that influences my actions throughout my life extends from the cytoplasm of my body cells all the way to the universe at large. These environmental influences may be modifying my genes as well in ways hitherto unknown to science.

It is the technologies emerging from our scientific discoveries that give us scientists the confidence that the laws we formulate will ultimately lead us to Absolute Truths. However, we tend to forget that the knowledge database of any biological species on earth is in the final analysis limited by its sensory apparatus and its domain. Our scientific laws themselves are but products of the human mind with its own limitations.

And so, I believe as Albert Einstein put it, “ the most incomprehensible thing about Nature is that we can comprehend it, however minutely.” Reason, intuition and revelation have evolved to a very high order of magnitude among our scientists and our spiritual masters through mechanisms beyond the grip of scientific formalism. The most beautiful thing we can experience in life as human beings is a sense of its mystery. It is the richest source of our arts, science and religion.

No particular work of art, music and literature or of science strikes the same chord in everyone. It all depends on our genetic makeup, our upbringing in the formative years of our life and our subsequent education as to what appeals to us most. And that applies to our spiritual yearnings and our religious sensitivities as well. No wonder I believe in the religious tradition in which my mother raised me.

Science is of matter and energy in the universe and life on earth. Religion is of spirit and spirit worlds. Science is of theory and objectivity. Religion is of faith, subjective experience, psychic powers and ESP. Science is of life here and now. Religion is of life before and life hereafter. Science is for the outer fulfillment of material desires. Religion is for hope and comfort in dealing with the tragedies and inequities of life.

And so, I believe in another one of Einstein’s famous dictates. Science without Religion is lame and Religion without Science is blind. Religion unites people more than even language. Yet by virtue of the conflicting nature of our religious paradigms, we continue to engage in persecutions, injustices and mass killings in the name of religion. Why we do that is a mystery too.

There are no Absolute Truths as such either in Science or in Religion. Knowledge is but the realization of the potentiality of Energy and Intelligence in the eternity of Spacetime Vacuum from which arise the worlds of spirit and the worlds of matter. Evolution of life on earth involves intention and random processes going hand in hand. This I believe.