what it’s worth

Nathan - mineola, Texas
Entered on March 5, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

For what its worth, it’s seems like everyday is the same, and I’m left to discover on my own. It seems that everything is grey, and there’s no color to behold. It seems that everywhere has become routine, but it’s about time I get this right. I’m a guy who lives the simple life one hour at a time. I believe you only get one shot to change this boring world.

My grandfather is a great man. He served during WWII; although he never saw battle, he witnessed the death of many friends. He was the one who told me that “a boy” is “a man” when he’s willing to protect his beliefs, his value, and his loved-ones; that life is worth living. Because of him I’ve leaped at every opportunity the world has to offer. I’m never afraid to try something new. And that alone makes life worth while.

I see on the news, sugarcoated versions of people committing suicide. I ask “how is this even possible?” Throwing away the most precious gift in the world, but they treat it as a curse. My life isn’t perfect; everyone has problems. Some may be worse than others, but the world will keep. If I was to die today, I’d want it o be as I save a life, so that I know it was not time wasted. Purpose is the most important thing to me, and we all have one.

We are only here for a short time; we can waste it doing drugs and committing crimes. Or we can value it by protecting the things we love most, changing and impacting the world to better it for the next generation. I’d hope you’d find a better way to go… I believe we only get one shot at life. Why not live it at our best, and take a little of it with us?